Jon Pearson
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    When you just know why you are still mates after all this time @rinsure
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    Top Gun Baby! Pass me the volley ball #TopGun #Maverick
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    RT @BoatShowComedy: NEXT WEEK is our last Guinea Pig Club of the season! and have we got a treat for you! a very special Edinburgh Preview…
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    @Freddie_Farrell @DarrenHarriott Complaints are flying in
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    RT @alexblackcomedy: What happens when @Rogerswiftprop and I are on in the same section? Aftermath of the middle bit of Jon Pearson’s gig a…
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    @clairemorgan04 @mikeystall At Brownlow? Who was that?
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    @marmite, have you met @Rogerswiftprop #TasteTest
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    RT @CarlDJones: This has haunted me for most of the day to the point that I’ve started a bucket list. @jonnyp_comic thinks I look like Tom…
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    RT @Dyerlinquent: Are you going to @edfringe this year? Do you like dinosaurs and / or are on the verge of a nervous breakdown?! PERFECT. T…
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