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    RT @HarrietDyerCom: NEW PODCAST ALERT: @BiggestIdiotPod 🏆 Sign up to our @Patreon as for pittance price of coffee you can get ep1 today ins…
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    @HarrietDyerCom, @LinzSantoro and myself have a new podcast @BiggestIdiotPod Available from all good podcast locati…
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    RT @JasonManford:
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    Hey, What's the number for reporting your neighbours? Big house on my street called Wetherspoons has well over 6 p…
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    Please tell me its @piersmorgan who has changed and not me... I've started agreeing with him #Swing #GMB…
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    When you meet a DNA specialist in Rare Diseases on one of your first gigs back after lockdown
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    RT @GrassrootsCoac5: Parents, as per my text it’s very important that we obey the new rules regarding gatherings. With this in mind I will…
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    @chiputtymaster Already gone, we are mixing bleach with strawberry jelly powder at the door
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    Right I'm off to ASDA to get Toilet Roll and Pasta! #UKlockdown #secondwave
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