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    @PhoenixEvCoach @bobbygill @canalhousebar @NCFComedy
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    RT @PromoteComedy: Comedy @ArmsMiners 8pm on 22nd December 2018 It's @JoshPughComic, @Barry_Dodds and as always @jonnyp_comic Get your tickā€¦
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    @bobbygill @canalhousebar @NCFComedy Thanks Bobby!
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    RT @bobbygill: šŸ˜‚ Comedy night at @canalhousebar in Nottingham tonight. @jonnyp_comic was best act at @NCFComedy - Honest, brutal & unapologā€¦
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    RT @PromoteComedy: We've got @ArmsMiners comedy night tickets It's @JoshPughComic, @Barry_Dodds and as always @jonnyp_comic Get your ticketā€¦
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    RT @NCFComedy: We have news: we have just won Best Small Club at the Midlands Comedy Awards. Thank you to everyone that voted for us. We reā€¦
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    One appearance on @SkyNews yesterday talking about Brexit, then all the letters fall in... #NoConfidence #MayDayā€¦
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    Happens everytime. You go on holiday to Brussels, and some people start picking fault and come after your job.. #May #Brexit #NoCofidence
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    @belief_beggars It's my new opener
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    RT @GeniusSomerset: Absolutely FANTASTIC night! Thanks Jon! You were fabulous!!
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