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    Get this in your ears, not throats early! #BiggestIdiot #Podcast
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    Great night trying out the new show @canalhousebar tonight for @NCFComedy, see you all again soo... Tiers allowing!
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    @nathancassidy @NCFComedy Good to see you mate!
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    I bloody knew it!
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    @CoventGdnComedy GET ME BACK!!!!
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    It's brand new #podcast day 🍏 iTunes 🍎 πŸ‰ Spotify πŸ₯‘ 🐝 Podbean πŸŒβ€¦
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    Classic Dyer! Here more of this on @BiggestIdiotPod every Monday, or Friday if you are one of our @Patreon 's
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    Is it just me, but how does @BBradley_Mans know so much about the prices at a brothel or a crack den, but so little…
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