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    RT @JackGleadow: Though I will never fully understand or experience your pain and suffering I stand with you #BlackLivesMatter
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    RT @IamRichWilson: When people talk of " white privilege" they aren't talking about your bank balance. They're talking about the fact that…
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    @DaneBaptweets talking real talk during lockdown
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    RT @robmulholland: If you wanna know what I think about any of this just read @DaneBaptweets's timeline and imagine me nodding #BlackLives
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    @mrstevenallen Yeah you do!!
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    @CarlDJones But she's got the flow? #TamponTax
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    @Freddie_Farrell It really should, it's 1m in most other places
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    The easing of lockdown is causing confusion. Hope this helps #SnowWhite #SevenDwarfs #Dogging #GroupsOfSix…
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